About Country Flavours

We are a group of experienced members whose roots go as far as 19 years in industry with amazing clientèle and who come together for people to savour the taste of their food.Provides you a beautiful presentation whether they are wonderfully lavish, quietly elegant, outrageously exciting or even economically affordable to suit your special occasion.It is all, from the distinct and exotic taste of Indian Cuisine to an appetizing showcase of Western or European dishes, not to mention the true taste of ChefCast cookery that is in ingenious blend of tradition and modernism creating fabulous and excellent foods that are perfectly cooked tempting the most discriminating palate.Check out our current menus to see an example of what we’re serving this season. Give us a call to see why we’re the best catering company.

Team of Country Flavours

Our team has a combined 19 years of experience in the food and catering industries. No matter what the size of your catered event, we pride ourselves on our ability to successfully attend to every last detail. We understand that providing exceptional client service is tantamount to your satisfaction and to our continued growth. So you can rest assured that when you choose Country Flavours Catering Co, you are choosing more than just a caterer. You are choosing a team of professionals deeply committed to your happiness.

Vikas Jaiswal